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An Introduction to the UK's Most Popular Whirlpool Bath Brands


You’re probably well aware of the differences between the various models of whirlpool baths available, but how much do you know about the manufacturers? If you’ve explored our store in any depth, you’ll have come across a number of different brand names, like Carron and Aquaestil. While it’s often better to choose a known brand, it helps even more if you have a little of their background. So let’s dig into the history of a few of the UK’s most popular whirlpool bath manufacturers.


Carron is a name that you’ll come across quite frequently as you explore our online store, but did you know that it actually began by making naval cannons? It’s true! The brand now known as Carron actually began its life as The Carron Company way back in 1759. They were a renowned ironworks company that produced naval cannons for the Royal Navy until the mid 1850s. From there, they went on to produce stoves, letterboxes, and even the famous red phone boxes found across the UK. After a while, however, they naturally found themselves leaning towards bathroom products and baths themselves – leading to the creation of Carron Bathrooms as we know it today. With over 250 years of history, you can be sure that a Carron bath will truly stand the test of time! 

We have replaced our Carron range with Beaufort baths. Explore Beaufort whirlpool baths now.


Unlike Carron, the next brand we’re looking at actually made its name on plastics, not ironworks. Trojan Plastics, to give it its full title, was founded in 1975 and has grown to become a driving force in the world of acrylic whirlpool baths. The company’s HQ is in West Yorkshire, making it a UK company through and through. The company’s aim is to set the standard for acrylic whirlpool baths, both in terms of the physical design and shape of the shells, and the mechanics of the whirlpool systems themselves. Trojan Plastics remains one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic baths in all of Europe. See the full range of Trojan whirlpool baths now.


Despite being the youngest of all the whirlpool bath brands we’re showcasing today, having been founded in 1998, Aquaestil remains a firm favourite for many UK bath buyers. The company was created by two entrepreneurs in Croatia who shared a single vision: to create a brand of technically driven baths and bathroom products. It’s this reason that Aquaestil offers some of the most advanced and high-tech whirlpool baths on the market, with a clear dedication to pushing the envelope of modern design. Aquaestil whirlpool baths are produced using a sanitary acryl which has a number of benefits over more convention acrylics. For example, if a sanitary acryl bath shell is damaged, it can be spot-repaired with simple brushing and polishing. It’s concepts like this that keep Aquaestil on the cutting edge. Explore our full range of Aquaestil baths.

Now that you’re familiar with these whirlpool bath brands, you can jump straight into our online whirlpool bath shop and start checking out the options for yourself. Need a helping hand? Call the team today.

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