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A Very Quick Introduction to Feng Shui (And How It Works in Bathrooms)


A Very Quick Introduction to Feng Shui (And How It Works in Bathrooms)

When it comes to interior design, it’s not always about aesthetics. In fact, sometimes what you include in your room matters much less than where you place it. You’ve probably heard of feng shui at some point, and whether you’re a believer or not, there’s no doubt that a properly organised room can be very visually appealing. Feng shui isn’t just for living rooms and lounges, however – far from it, in fact! Here’s our quick guide to getting a touch of feng shui into your bathroom, the easy way.

What is feng shui?

For the uninitiated, let’s begin with a definition of exactly what feng shui is. The term itself translates to ‘wind water’ from Chinese, and originates from the Yangshao and Hongshan cultures based in China and can be dated back to 4000 BC. In a nutshell, the practice of feng shui involves the creation of harmony with a person’s surroundings via the placement of furniture and the layout of rooms. Traditionally, practitioners of feng shui often use a magnetic compass to plot the flow of Qi energy (pronounced ‘chi’ in English), however even before the invention of these tools, feng shui was still practiced with various tools. 

Feng shui in the bathroom?

So if feng shui is primarily concerned with the placement of furniture and accessories in order to align a room with flows of energy, how can you use this school-of-thought in your bathroom? Well, there are a couple of ways to do this, and all of them have to do with the specific location that objects (and the bathroom itself) are located. The feng shui philosophy includes something called bagua maps that broadly align with the points of a compass. You can populate each area of the map in order to direct energy to that aspect of life. Here’s a quick guide:

•North: Fame

•North-East: Marriage

•East: Children

•South-East: Helpful People

•South: Career

•South-West: Knowledge

•West: Family

•North-West: Wealth

With these points in mind, how can you make changes to your bathroom so that you’re maximising the potential chi energy of your chosen area?

How to focus chi energy in the bathroom

First and foremost, the actual location of your bathroom will make a big difference to the focus of your energy. Now, naturally it’s very difficult to alter the physical location of a bathroom; however, you can also influence the flow of energy in the room itself with the bagua map as a guide. For example, even if your bathroom is located in the south of the home (a focus on ‘career’), you can position your bath, sink, toilet, and even items as simple as a wash-basket in other areas of the bagua map in order to direct chi energy to those places. So no matter where your bathroom is in the home, you’ll be able to work in a little feng shui with ease. 

If you’re looking to create some positive energy in your bathroom via the philosophy of feng shui, you can do so with either a new whirlpool bath, or with some quality bathroom furniture. Have a question about design, installation, or anything else? Call our team today.

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