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A Very Quick Guide to Installing Your New Whirlpool Bath


So you’ve just placed that all-important order for your new whirlpool bath – this calls for a celebration! But before you pop the cork and start sipping the bubbly stuff, it’s a smart idea to understand a little of what goes into installing your new whirlpool bath. While this post won’t be an in-depth step-by-step for installing a new bath, it will provide the basic steps you need to know before getting started with the project. Tool-belts at the ready!

Step 1: Getting your whirlpool bath in place

During the buying process, you’ll likely have already decided exactly where your new whirlpool bath will be located in your bathroom. Even so, it’s a good idea to double-check its position and orientation before actually setting it in place. The position of both the bath’s whirlpool pump and the necessary pipework will have been finalised at the factory, so it should be a simple matter of locating the relevant connections in your bathroom – both electrical and water supply. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the tube leading from the pneumatic pump on/off to the control box is in the correct position.

Step 2: Checking the connections

First and most importantly, note that all electrical work on your whirlpool bath must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to set up the whirlpool bath electrical systems without a professional’s assistance. Once there, you can advise them that the power supply for your new whirlpool bath can run from two sources: either the main circuit board running to an RCCB circuit breaker elsewhere in the house; or from a socket ring mains supply likewise correctly linked to an RCCB. Please note that all fuses in the whirlpool bath systems are rated for 13 amps only, although if you’re using air-spa only, 5 amps will work just fine. Once your electrical connections are all hooked up, the system will be all set for a round of testing prior to use.  

Step 3: Checking whirlpool bath operation

When testing your whirlpool bath, you’re really just looking to ensure that the air/water circulation is working correctly. Essentially, you should be able to press the activation button on the controls, which will then start a flow of air to the air switch in the control box. The system will then be activated in earnest, and the water flow will begin. The bath simply takes water from an intake, and distributes it at your chosen speed via as many jets as you’ve chosen for your bath. Of course, you can also adjust each jet to your preference so that your bath is as relaxing and indulgent as possible. This may all sound a little on the technical side, but once it’s done, your whirlpool bath will be all set to provide you with that 5-star spa experience in your very own home.

There you have it: the basic steps you need to know in order to install your new whirlpool bath. Of course, the whole process is slightly more in-depth than we could describe in a short article, so be sure you’re confident before getting started. For free expert installation advice, why not call our team? 

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