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5 Top Tips for Cooling Off This Summer (Without Losing Your Cool)


5 Top Tips for Cooling Off This Summer (Without Losing Your Cool)

All it takes is a quick glance outside to see that the British summer is well and truly here. Whether that means rain or shine, there’s no doubt that – at its peak – the summer can be very warm and humid indeed. If you’ve been feeling the heat recently, don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing. The team has knocked our heads together and come up with 5 easy ways to beat the heat… without losing your cool.

5. Keep the curtains drawn for as long as you can

We know it’s not much fun to block out the summer sun, but if you really want to prevent your room temperature from rising, drawing your curtains can really help. If you keep your curtains closed, especially in rooms that receive direct sunlight in the mornings and around noon, the added shade will keep you cooler for longer.

4. Optimise your bedding

How many togs does your duvet have? If it’s 9 tog or higher, you may be making sleeping on hot nights much harder for yourself. Generally speaking, a tog rating of 4.5 is recommended for summertime, and you should find it much more lightweight and breathable than even the ‘year-round’ duvets. Failing all of this, you can always rely on the old favourite: a simple bedsheet!

3. Construct a makeshift “swamp cooler”

While the term “swamp cooler” might sound like something you’d find in the depths of Florida, these makeshift coolers are actually very useful in the UK summer. They rely on the concept of evaporative cooling, and to make one, all you need do is pop a bowl of ice and water just in front of a standard desk fan. As the ice melts and cools the water, the air being blown past will evaporate it and cool the air right down. Then all you have to do is point it in the right direction.

2. Cool off with cotton clothing

There’s a reason that cotton has been used for thousands of years in clothing of all shapes and sizes. Did you know that cotton also has excellent cooling properties? It’s true! This fabric actually draws sweat away from the skin, improving your body’s ability to reduce its temperature. So, next time you’re shopping for summer t-shirts, be sure to look for 100% cotton!

1. Take regular cold showers (or baths)

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll have seen our recent piece on the benefits of cold baths. If you really want to keep your body temperature at a reasonable level, a cold shower or bath can be a great way to stay cool. With two or three of these spaced over a hot day, you can really take the sting out of summer’s next heatwave.

We hope we’ve given you a few practical ideas to use next time one of those famous UK heatwaves hits us. Don’t forget that if you’d like any more info about the best whirlpool baths and showers in the UK (hot or cold), you can call the team anytime.

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