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5 Foolproof Ways to Create the Hotel Spa Experience at Home


One of the greatest things about staying in hotels is enjoying all those experiences you just can’t get at home. If you’re a fan of luxury spas, (and who isn’t?), you’ve no doubt got a good idea what your perfect hotel spa experience looks like. You might think you have to shell out for a hotel stay to enjoy this experience, but with a few adjustments to your expectations, you can get remarkably close from the comfort of home. Here’s 5 ways to do exactly that.

 5. Install a premium whirlpool bath

Let’s start with the centrepiece of any home spa experience: the whirlpool bath. If you want the real-deal, you should really install a whirlpool bath; but don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you need to splash out. While it’s true that some premium whirlpool baths can cost you upwards of four-figures, you can also find more cost-effective ways to bring whirlpool bathing into your everyday life. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that you can install a whirlpool bath at home for less than £700.

4. Clear your headspace with essential oils and aromatherapy

Ask anyone what they think of when they hear the word “spa” and they’re sure to mention essential oils and the lovely aromas they create. When planning your home spa experience, it’s a good idea to have some quality bath oils on hand to drop into the tub before you hop in yourself. The indulgent bubbles of the whirlpool jets combined with the relaxing aromas of the oils will have you practically convinced you’re in a five-star resort.

3. Stock up on spa staples and treatments 

It’s not a real spa experience without the treatments, and even if that just means a couple of cucumber slices — it’s all part and parcel of recreating the atmosphere. In addition to mud packs and massage oils, we’d also recommend some herbal teas. A nice cup of chamomile can work wonders when you’re trying to shake off a week’s worth of work stress.

2. Cosy up your bathroom with towels and spa-wear

If you’re going to create a spa at home, why not go all-out? That means you’ll need a freshly washed bathrobe at the very least, along with some cosy towels to wrap up in — preferably direct from a heated towel rail. You might also consider your favourite slippers, but if you’re already at home, that may be a little over the top!

1. Really splash out with underwater light and sound

If you’re a bit of a techie, or you just want the premier home spa experience, you can’t go wrong with an underwater lighting or sound solution. Based on the concept of chromotherapy, our underwater lighting systems can transform your entire bathroom by illuminating the water from below the surface — and you can choose from a spectrum of colours to soothe and calm you as you enjoy your home spa. Fancy a little music? A whirlpool bath sound system literally turns the bath itself into a speaker — your favourite song has never been so immersive!

 If our top five tips for creating the hotel spa experience at home has got you eager to start planning your own bathroom, why not explore what’s on offer in our online bathroom store? Taking on a big project like this isn’t always easy, so don’t forget that our bathroom experts are always on-hand with free advice. Just call us anytime.

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