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5 Beautiful Bath Shape Ideas to Remodel your Home this Christmas


5 Beautiful Bath Shape Ideas to Remodel your Home this Christmas

The bath comes in a variety of forms. From space saving compact designs for smaller apartments to the luxurious spread in sprawling homes, stunning bath shapes give you the ideal solution based on the budget, space, and the style. Whether you prefer a longer soak or a more customized and practical approach, there are always a number of styles to choose from. Before you shop around, make sure that you understand the type of bath that is a comfortable fit. Here are the top five best bathtub ideas for you to give your home the ultimate remodelling.

Slip into a raised tub

The iconic style of a slipper bath that originated in the Victorian era can be identified by the elevated backrest that provides exclusive head and back support. While earlier taps were fitted at the shallow end of the tub, today they are placed in the centre for you to lean back and enjoy. Traditional slipper baths such as this features a raised roll-top off the floor.

The contemporary slipper is designed in sleek and crisper lines. Also, the bateau comes close to the style with both ends raised to provide back support.   

Snug into a corner

The ideal bath design for small homes, as the name suggests, the corner slip utilizes the space in your home that may have otherwise gone unused. The shape of the tub takes a corner circle and tappers along the sides with a rounded edge. However, offset corner bath comes with one side longer than the other.

Some corner bathtub designs feature dual backrests, deck areas, and molded backrests. The streamlined simplicity of corner bathtubs makes them fine choices for your bath for their built-in designs.

 Freestanding inset

A stand-alone bathtub away from the walls in the middle of the room is a freestanding inset. Cast the tub with marble to give an extraordinary look instantly.  

Freestanding baths effortlessly creates a spa-like sense of grandeur. Their traditional and contemporary, spacious design makes them the ultimate choice in luxurious bathing.

Compact bath length

A compact bath structure can be installed with reduced length. The lack of length is compensated by the generous depth. This saves on the length while giving you all the comfort.

These make use of the limited space, so you can soak in the bathtub for long. This allows you to make the absolute use of the space. However, being smaller in size doesn’t mean that they have to lack style.  

 Whirl in the whirlpool

A whirlpool bath is designed to help you relax and rejuvenate with perfectly positioned jets that target aching muscles. There is a range of whirlpool baths for you to choose from. Basically known as the therapeutic bath, the concept follows the same as Jacuzzi jets. The force of the water can be adjusted by air controller.

Whirlpool baths provide the ideal luxury of health and wellness in your home. Soaking in the bath gives you exactly that relaxing feel of being massaged from head to toe with powerful jets of water.

Imagine getting into your favourite bathtub and then stepping out completely feeling reinvigorated. Top tub choices for your bath like the therapeutic whirlpool or even the freestanding inset, Victorian-styled slipper are all designed to create your spa retreat in your own house.  

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