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4 Unique Benefits of a Corner Whirlpool Bath


On the hunt for a brand new whirlpool bath? If so you’ve probably already explored the various options on offer here – but have you thought about a corner whirlpool bath just yet? A lot of people assume that corner whirlpool baths like those in our shop are niche products for very specific bathrooms, but nothing is further from the truth. There are lots of great benefits to having a corner whirlpool bath – and here are our top four.

4. Take a seat with a corner whirlpool bath

Because of the unique shape of a corner whirlpool bath, there are possibilities with the design that other shapes simply can’t offer. The best of these could well be the fact that many corner whirlpool baths feature seats built right in. This is great for people who love to relax and have that true ‘hot tub’ experience at home, but it’s also an excellent choice for those who may have accessibility issues or find it hard to get in and out of the bath.

3. Perfect for rooms with unusual dimensions

Not every room is rectangular or square, and wouldn’t life be boring if they were? If you’ve got an unusually shaped bathroom, a corner whirlpool bath might be exactly what you need. Whether your space is long, narrow, or multi-walled, a corner whirlpool bath will slot right into any one of the room’s nooks. It’s not always easy to find a long straight section for a regular bath shape, so a corner whirlpool bath is just the ticket.

2. They’re a fantastic focal point (and something different)

There are few elements more eye-catching for a bathroom than a corner whirlpool bath. When is the last time you walked into the bathroom and really said ‘wow’? With a corner whirlpool bath, that’s exactly what your guests will say. The reason is simple: corner whirlpool baths simply aren’t ‘everyday’; you don’t see them that often (well, we do, but we’re an exception). There’s also a real association between corner whirlpool baths and high-end luxury like you’d find in a 5-star hotel somewhere. If you want that for your bathroom, a corner whirlpool bath is ideal.

1. A corner whirlpool bath creates more space

Even if you do have a ‘regular’ shaped bathroom, a corner whirlpool bath can still be an amazing addition – simply because of the space it will create. Consider how much room a regular straight whirlpool bath can take up (especially in a narrow bathroom) and then think about a corner whirlpool bath slotted neatly into, well, the corner! The compact shape of this type of bath is ideal for bringing a real sense of spaciousness to any bathroom, and of course, it frees up that space so that you can use it for something else. Our range of corner baths includes the extremely popular Trojan Orlando whirlpool bath and the Trojan Laguna.

If you’d like to know more about our corner whirlpool baths, please explore our online shop. Or if you have questions or need advice, why not call our expert team.

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