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4 Things to Remember When Installing Your New Whirlpool Bath


4 Things to Remember When Installing Your New Whirlpool Bath

So the wait is finally over, and your new whirlpool bath has just been delivered. While this is a really exciting part, it can also feel a little bit daunting – especially if you’re a first-timer. Well, don’t worry, because the team here have installed more whirlpool baths than you can shake a stick at. With that in mind, we’ve come up with 4 essential things to remember when you’re installing your new whirlpool bath.

4. Before doing anything, check everything

Whilst the team does everything possible to ensure your whirlpool bath leaves us in pristine condition, transit damage can occasionally occur. In order for this to be identified and dealt with quickly, we’d recommend checking all pipework of the whirlpool bath, as well as the shell itself and any electronic systems, to ensure no damage has occurred. If you do find any transit damage on your new whirlpool bath, call us immediately and we’ll be happy to help.

3. Make sure a qualified electrician connects your electricals

We’re sure you’re eager to get your new whirlpool bath set up for a soak, but we’d recommend a little haste – especially when it comes to the electricals. There are a couple of different electrical connections that will need to be made for the bath to operate, and these should be completed by a qualified electrician only. It’s also worth noting that all wiring and any additional equipment hooked up to the whirlpool bath needs to conform to the relevant UK electrical standards, as well as CE (Conformité Européenne) regulations.

2. Never put unnecessary pressure on your pipework

All of our whirlpool baths are designed and built to the highest possible standard. That means that the inner workings – including the pipework – can be particularly fragile. With this in mind, you should never put unnecessary pressure on the pipework. This could be, for example, using these parts to lift the bath, or even leaning the bath’s pipework against a wall. In either case, this type of handling may lead to damage – and that’s the last thing you want with a new whirlpool bath!

1. Never run your whirlpool bath dry

Running a whirlpool bath pump without water is a big no-no. The reason is that, without water, the pump system could easily become damaged, as the system is not designed to run without water. In fact, we’d recommend that you disable your whirlpool bath entirely at its power source if you won’t be using it for a while. This will make doubly sure that the system isn’t run dry by accident – it really doesn’t like running without water!

We hope we’ve given you some useful advice when it comes to installing your new whirlpool bath. Remember that our team is on-hand anytime to provide free guidance about the best way to install a tub. If you’re not confident or comfortable installing it yourself, just give us a call.

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