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4 Reasons You Should Definitely Treat Yourself to a New Whirlpool Bath This Year


There was a time when whirlpool baths seemed the reserve of celebrities and the ultra-wealthy, but thanks to lower production and material costs, they’re now more affordable than ever before. Whether you’ve considered a whirlpool bath in the past, or if this is an entirely new venture for you, there are plenty of reasons to treat yourself to a new tub this year. Here are 4 of the very best. Ready to get your feet wet?

4. Whirlpool baths now fit almost every size bathroom

When you imagine a whirlpool bath, how big do you think it should be? For many of us, the mental image of a whirlpool bath is often much larger than the reality. In recent times, the design and technology leveraged for the creation of whirlpool and spa baths means that they’re more compact than ever. Our range of small whirlpool baths start at just a touch over 1 metre long, so be sure to explore the full collection if you’re new to this smaller end of whirlpool tubs. 

3. There are more aesthetic choices than ever before

Modern bathroom design is all about a unified aesthetic. For this reason, you want to be sure that the whirlpool bath you choose blends seamlessly with your existing décor. Luckily, modern whirlpool baths are available in an ever-increasing selection of shapes and sizes. Where in the past whirlpool bath choices were limited to either conventional shell shapes or the classic hot-tub style, there are now more than 10 different shapes to choose from. Here at The Whirlpool Bath Shop, you’ll find corner baths, double-ended tubs, shower baths, offset corner baths, freestanding tubs… and many more.

2. A new whirlpool bath may cost less than you think

Cost is always an important consideration, and with a premium product like whirlpool baths, it’s easy to see why it may concern you. But if you still think that whirlpool and spa baths cost thousands of pounds for even entry-level models, think again! Here at The Whirlpool Bath Shop, you’ll find full-featured whirlpool baths with impressive jet layouts from as little as £280. Explore the full range of whirlpool baths sorted by price now – you may just be surprised at how affordable they can be!

1. You can customise your very own whirlpool bath

One thing our customers always tell us they love is how customisable modern whirlpool baths can be. Whether you want to add even more relaxing jets to your existing tub with a Whirlpool Jet Upgrade, or experience the ultimate bathing experience via a full underwater lighting system, it’s all possible. On top of these premium options, most of the whirlpool baths we sell come complete with a selection of upgrade options such as specialised bath shell materials (carronite), additional jets, bath wastes, and so on. It’s never been easier to create an affordable custom whirlpool bath that’s unique to you and your bathroom.

 If you’ve been back and forth on whether or not a whirlpool bath is right for you, we hope our short guide has helped bring a little clarity. From here, you can explore our ever-growing range of affordable whirlpool baths, or call our team.

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