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4 of the World’s Most Strange and Unusual Baths


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably happy enough with a conventional whirlpool bath. After all, what’s more relaxing than slipping into the warm and welcoming water of a classic whirlpool bathtub? But for some, a traditional bubbly bath like this is simply not enough – and it’s people like these who seek out opportunities to bathe in weird and wonderful ways. Luckily, that gives us the opportunity to broaden our horizons in some truly surprising ways.

If you thought you knew what a spa experience looked like, just wait until you check out our top 4 unusual baths from around the world…

4. “The Chocolate Spa”, Hotel Hershey, USA

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, (and who hasn’t?), the Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania, USA, might be the closest you can get. Known as The Chocolate Spa, the hotel’s treatments and bathing options are far from usual – especially the so-called “Whipped Cocoa Bath”. When it comes to unusual baths, this has got to be high on the list. Put simply, you’re invited to immerse yourself in a bathtub infused with powdered milk and – of course – cocoa. The product creates plenty of chocolatey bubbles and, while not too thick or cloying, is apparently very relaxing for any chocoholic out there.

3. “The Thermal Beer Spa”, Budapest

Who doesn’t love the odd pint now and again? Well, drinking a nice glass of beer is one thing – but how about bathing in it? If this sounds appealing, you might want to check out The Thermal Beer Spa in Budapest. The spa’s signature offering is exactly what you might imagine: a hot bath infused with hops, yeast, malt, and even beer salt. The resulting concoction is apparently a very pleasurable experience, apparently delivering a number of health benefits such as skin rejuvenation, cleansing the pores, restoring vitamins, and more.                                                          

2. “El Totumo Mud Volcano”, Colombia

Mud baths are certainly nothing new, but this particular mud bath offers something very unusual: it’s based in an active volcano. Located in Santa Cataline, Bolivar, Colombia, the El Totumo Mud Volcano is actually the smallest active volcano in the country. The mud bath itself can accommodate 10 to 15 people at a time and naturally sits about 15 meters above the ground. El Totumo’s nature as a volcano means that the mud which fills it is warmed naturally by the earth, making it a lovely experience for visitors – and meaning there’s no risk of lava spewing out any time soon! 

1. “Yunessun Spa Resort”, Japan

When it comes to unusual baths, the Yunessun Spa Resort in Japan’s Hakone prefecture has to take first prize. Not only does this spa offer odd and unusual ways to take a bath, it does so with more variations than anywhere else in the world. Want to take a dip in a pool full of green tea? You can do it here. Or perhaps you’d prefer to dive into a lovely deep pool of chicken ramen broth? Again, it’s possible at Yunessun. Most well known for its green tea bath, the resort also offers visitors the choice to bathe in coffee, red wine (although the stains must be a nightmare), Japanese sake, and many more. If you’re really looking to experience the world’s most unusual baths, this place has to be your first stop.

So, if you’re planning to bathe in a volcano or pool of chocolate, we might not be able to help; but if you want the very best in modern whirlpool bath design at home? That we can help with.

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