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4 Need-to-Know Tips for Your Next Big Bathroom Renovation


There are few projects in life that can be as rewarding as renovating your bathroom. While the benefits are clear, the process can also be a little stressful at times. Luckily, you can avoid many stress headaches by simply planning properly ahead of time. But what do you need to consider? We’re here to help. Here are four essential tips for your next bathroom renovation project.

1. There’s no such thing as over-planning

 The first, and potentially most important, tip for any bathroom renovation is all about planning. Of course, it’s impossible to plan for every outcome or scenario, but by having a well-documented point-by-point game-plan for your renovation, you can at least ensure you’ve always got a guide in place. As the old saying goes: failing to prepare is preparing to fail — so bear that in mind during the planning phase of your project. And remember that you can never over-plan. All project plans need room for scope changes, but

2. Consider future-proofing your bathroom

 There comes a point in any renovation when you’ll need to balance your budget, and while it makes perfect sense to save money where you can, you might also want to consider some future-proofing. The idea is that spending a little more now will mean whatever you’re spending on will last longer. It also refers to the idea of buying into technology now that will become more commonplace in the future — Bluetooth speakers and in-bathroom entertainment systems are an excellent example of this. Future-proofing can understandably be a difficult thing to execute on, because your instinct will usually be to spend less — but it’s well worth at least considering your options.

3. Never ignore the value of ventilation and waterproofing

Did you know that some of the most common bathroom ailments are also the most avoidable? It’s true — but only if steps are taken for prevention. It’s better than cure, after all. Luckily for you, planning a bathroom renovation also gives you the chance to plan for issues like mould and damp. During the planning process, be sure to consider ventilation by way of extractor fans or simple windows, and do your research when it comes to tiling and sealing the bathroom correctly. A few minutes sealing up gaps during the renovation could potentially save you thousands down the road by preventing damp and mould.

4. Make sure you have enough storage (then add a bit more) 

No matter what the common thinking may be, you really can never have enough storage. Bathrooms grow and evolve in how they’re used over time, (and families do too), meaning that small bathroom cabinet which is fine for two suddenly starts to get a little cramped. When planning storage for your new bathroom, be sure to overestimate how much you’ll need. If you’re worried about the available space for storage, why not consider a hybrid solution like a whirlpool bath with built-in storage? Sometimes the simplest solutions really are the best.

 If today’s blog post has inspired you to make a few changes to your bathroom, our shop is a great place to start. Be sure to check out our ever-growing range of whirlpool spa baths, or, if you simply have questions, call the team anytime.

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