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​4 Everyday Bathroom Problems (And How to Fix Them)


4 Everyday Bathroom Problems (And How to Fix Them)

No bathroom is immune to the occasional problem, but knowing how to fix them is half the battle fought. That’s why our team have knocked our heads together to create the following guide on how to tackle 4 everyday bathroom problems you might encounter. How many of the following have you experienced before?

4. Damp or musty bath towels

We've all been there: you hop out of a lovely relaxing whirlpool bath (or shower) and wrap yourself up in… a damp towel. Truly one of the most unpleasant bathroom occurrences, but one that's actually easily fixed with a quality set of heated towel rails. If towels aren't warmed up between use (especially during colder months), they can sometimes take days to dry and could even develop mould if left for long enough in a cold yet humid environment. With heated towel rails, these issues are a thing of the past.

3. Mould and moisture build-up

As you've just discovered, mould can quickly become a problem in a bathroom. It's surprising, considering how vital a role moisture plays in a bathroom – but it's all about the type of moisture. Without the right countermeasures, like extractor fans and discreet dehumidifiers, moisture can build up and create mould problems as well as other issues that could negatively impact the structure of the bathroom. What does that mean for you? Repair costs down the road – so be sure you're tackling moisture the right way!

2. Drainage issues

There are usually two types of drainage issues in the bathroom: slow drainage and altogether blocked drainage. Both can usually be tackled in a similar way, and likewise are often caused by the same factors. Some of these are avoidable, through the use of cheap tools like hair-catchers and good drain practices like regular flushing with boiling water. However, if the blockage just won't shift, you can always rely on a good old-fashioned plunger, a chemical plughole unblocker, or (as a last resort) calling in the professionals.

1. Dripping taps

Few things are as irritating as a tap that simply won't stop dripping. Luckily, there are solutions for this insipid issue. First of all, you'll need to be comfortable with basic tools. If not, it's best to speak to a plumber or maybe even look into some new quality taps. You can usually fix a dripping tap by first switching off the mains water supply, then removing the head of the tap itself. From here, there will usually be three components you’ll need to replace: the ceramic disc valve, o-ring, and rubber washer. Again, if taking these steps doesn’t stop your tap from dripping, we’d always recommend speaking to a professional plumber for advice.

We hope you’ve found one or two solutions here you may not have considered before. Remember that you can find a huge range of quality bathroom accessories in our online bathroom shop. Or for more expert tips and advice, call our team today.

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