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4 Essential Bathroom Questions All New Homeowners Should Ask


Becoming a new homeowner is one of the most thrilling experiences a person can have, even if it does come with the odd headache here and there. If you’ve recently become a homeowner for the first time, you probably have a million things on your to-do list already — but have you considered the bathroom? Before you start making changes to your new bathroom, it may make sense to ask yourself a few questions, so here are four to start with.

#4: “Should I refit my bathroom, or just refinish it?”

Unless your new home is brand new, there’s a good chance it already has all the usual fixtures and fittings installed by the previous owner. This raises a natural question: should you replace it all? The answer to that comes down to a couple of things. First, is the existing bathroom to your taste? If so, you might be able to simply refinish the bathroom with some old-fashioned elbow grease. If not, a refit might be the better choice — but then there’s the issue of cost. One good option to avoid a huge outlay is to simply replace things one at a time as budget allows. (And who knows? Maybe a whirlpool bath could find its way into that budget too!)

#3: “Is my new bathroom energy efficient?”

With older pre-fitted bathrooms, you’ll usually find that the bathroom hasn’t exactly been designed with sustainability in mind. This means that everything from the lightbulb fittings to the bath overflow will generally be quite inefficient when it comes to saving water and energy. In a world in which we’re more focused than ever before on green living, it’s definitely a good idea to consider additions to your bathroom which will save both of these things. Alternatively you might consider refitting your new bathroom with fixtures and fittings made from sustainability sources or recycled materials — such as our range of Cleargreen Environmental Baths.

#2: “Will my bathroom be susceptible to mould and mildew?”

Because your bathroom is a bit of a blank canvas right now, it’s an excellent time to consider what could happen down the road. If you’ve ever lived in a property which had improper damp and mould protection, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Whether your house is new or you’re re-fitting it, you’ve got an opportunity to put in place certain measures to keep your bathroom free of nasties like mould and mildew. One great way to do this is to install an extractor fan to carry moisture out of the bathroom. You might also want to look into heated towel rails, which will keep the room warm and prevent conditions becoming welcoming to mould — plus, they look great too!

#1: “Do I have the budget to make the bathroom changes I want?”

Here’s the big one. As unpleasant as it may be, here comes a reality check. As rewarding as new home ownership can be, it’s also well-known as being a money sink — especially if you don’t keep a close track of your spending. So before you make any of the changes you’re considering, first things first: sit down and construct a renovation budget. This shouldn’t just be about your bathroom, but instead encompass the full breadth of your new home’s required updates.

No matter what you do with your new bathroom, don’t forget to enjoy the experience. And if you have any questions at all about how best to refit or refinish your bathroom, get in touch with our team anytime.

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