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4 Easy (And Affordable) Bathroom Upgrades for New Home Owners


Everyone knows that moving house can be a stressful experience, but you can double that when it comes to moving into your first home. New homes also tend to involve a lot of expense, so it’s not always easy to make those first few home upgrades. Well, with that in mind, we’ve decided on four of our favourite bathroom upgrades you can make right now

4. Soft-close toilet seat

It may not be the most glamourous part of the bathroom, but few things get used as much as the toilet seat. It makes sense, then, that you invest in a quality product. We’d recommend an ultra-modern soft-close toilet seat – they’re the perfect way to avoid any bumps in the night! Plus, they’ll bring a sense of modern design aesthetic to your bathroom, no matter how far it is from your dream décor. You’ll find soft-close toilet seats in our shop at prices starting at under £20. 

3. Electronic sensor taps

Turning tap handles is just so twenty-years-ago. These days, it’s easy to impress with a top quality set of electronic sensor taps. These handy gadgets make using the bathroom a more hygienic and pleasant experience by allowing you to activate the tap with a simple wave of your hand. Even better, the Ultra Electronic Sensor Water Saving Tap has been designed to actively save water by only using the water you need, when you need it. These taps are battery-operated (4 x AA), are easy to fit, and make a great first impression in the bathroom!

2. “Rainforest” shower head

Nothing screams luxury quite like a rainforest shower head. With a large, flat panel peppered with jets, these shower heads are designed to offer the most relaxing and luxurious showering experience you can have at home. Here at The Whirlpool Bath Shop, we offer a range of different rainforest shower heads, including the Ultra Round Fixed Shower Head (if you’re a fan of curved lines) and the Ultra Square Fixed Shower Head (for fans of sharp, clean lines). Whether you’re replacing an old shower head in your new bathroom, or starting from scratch, a new shower head is a great affordable way to make a big difference.

1. Luxury bath pillow

Our final suggestion is something that’ll bring real comfort to your bathing experience, no matter which bath model or design you own. The Luxury Bath Pillow can be yours for under £25 and is designed to fit seamlessly against the smooth surface of any bath. You can simply lie back, enjoy the bubbles, and let the stress just wash away as you rest of your head on this waterproof and super-soft pillow designed exclusively for use in the bath.

Nothing on our list take your fancy? Don’t forget that you can find hundreds more bathroom products in our online whirlpool bath shop. With a little browsing, you might just find the perfect accessory for your new bathroom. If you have any questions about setup or installation, be sure to call our team anytime.

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