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4 Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes (You Might Already Be Making)


Cleaning your bathroom might not be the most glamorous of jobs, but it’s something we all have to do. For that reason, among others, it’s important to make sure you’re not doing anything that’s actually making the task harder in the long run. Many of us make mistakes with our bathroom cleaning routine, but what's worse is, we may not even realise it. Here are 4 bathroom cleaning mistakes you might already be making.

4. Allowing moisture to stick around too long

Once you've had a lovely relaxing soak in your whirlpool bath, or simply enjoyed a refreshing shower, you'll usually find there's a lot of condensation and water vapour around. If you’re not actively ventilating the room by using an extractor fan, or simply opening a window, leaving moisture in the air for too long can lead to problems like mould and damp. And trust us, mould is not something you want to take a bath with!

3. Only paying attention to the dirty bits

It makes perfect sense that you’d direct your cleaning efforts to the things that seem to need it the most. Y’know, the stuff that’s visibly dirty – but, not all dirt and grime is visible to the naked eye. Likewise, the same goes for those parts of your bathroom that don’t see much active use, like the back of your toilet or the pedestal of your wash basin. You may not sit or stand on these areas often, but germs and bacteria can get everywhere, so be sure you take a zero-tolerance approach on your next cleaning spree.

2. Not cleaning your shower curtain often enough (or at all)

There’s nothing worse than having a cold, wet shower curtain brush past you on a winter’s day – but what if that curtain hasn’t been cleaned for months? It’s ten times worse! To avoid dirt, grime, and possibly even mould building up on your shower curtain, ensure that you give it a clean with a bleach mixture at least every three months – or just spray it with a shower cleaner after each use. We can’t guarantee you’ll avoid those unexpected shower curtain brushes… but at least it’ll be hygienic? It’s something.

1. Neglecting the pipework of your bathtub

Cleaning the exterior shell of your bath is the usually a core part of any bathroom cleaning routine, but when is the last time you considered the pipework? All that water running through the pipes can take its toll over the years, especially if you have a whirlpool tub. Luckily, you can simply drop a whirlpool bath sanitising tablet into the water after you’re done, run the system, then let it drain out as normal. This type of regular maintenance will keep your pipework clean, fresh, and free of blockages – and doesn’t that sound like a relief?

How many of these have you fallen victim to in the past? Whatever the case, we hope today’s blog post has given you some useful tips. And of course, if you have any questions about bathrooms, baths, or showers, call the team anytime.

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