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3 Simple (and Affordable) Ways to Upgrade Your Whirlpool Bath


3 Simple (and Affordable) Ways to Upgrade Your Whirlpool Bath

Investing in a new whirlpool bath is hugely rewarding in and of itself – but it’s far from the end of the story. Whether you’ve just bought your new whirlpool bath or you’ve been enjoying bubble-filled soaks for years, you may not know how many upgrade options are available. There’s no need to buy an all-new bath when you can ameliorate your existing one without spending too much. In that spirit, here are three simple (and affordable) ways to upgrade your whirlpool bath.

#3: Flush Jet Upgrade 

Let’s begin with one of the simplest ways to boost your whirlpool bath experience: adding extra jets (or replacing your existing ones). By installing a Flush Jet Upgrade, you can choose any number of additional jets, from 6 all the way up to 18. In fact, even if you have a conventional bath without a whirlpool system, you’ll be able to create your very own whirlpool bath by installing these jets. Each one protrudes just 1mm from the bath’s surface, so you’ll always enjoy a smooth bathing experience. On top of that, the discreet control panel can be installed either on the ledge of the bath or on a vertical surface – easy!

#2: Chrome 5-Jet Lumbar Upgrade 

If you dabble in hydrotherapy, or you simply suffer from aches and pains in your back every so often, here’s an upgrade for you. The Chrome 5-Jet Lumbar Upgrade is a cluster of jets that are located such that the force of the water is directed at your lumbar area therapeutically. As always, you’ll be able to control the force of the water jets and tweak it so it offers the best possible five-star spa experience. This lumbar upgrade is a fantastic way to treat yourself to a lower-back massage anytime you feel like it – along with all the others benefits of a whirlpool bath. Want to push the boat out? Add couple of plantar jets to give your feet a lovely massage too.

#1: Whirlpool Bath Ozonator 

Here’s a whirlpool bath upgrade that’s available for anyone order a new tub. The Whirlpool Bath Ozonator is a handy maintenance feature that saves you time cleaning your whirlpool bath in the future. It is discreetly installed and works by reducing the amount of harsh chemicals and other agents that may otherwise be present in your whirlpool bath water. An ozonator uses ozone to kill bacteria, mildew, mould, viruses and other hidden nasties; even better, it does all this without negatively affecting your water in any way. No by-products will be left in the water, and your pH balance will be unchanged. All in all, this is an affordable way to keep your whirlpool bath as clean as a whistle throughout its lifespan.

If you’d like to explore even more options for your whirlpool bath, you can check out our full range of whirlpool bath upgrades now. Have a question about anything whirlpool or spa bath related? Call the team anytime.

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