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Whirlpool bath(s) with lights

You can add underwater lighting to any whirlpool bath in our shop. Find out more about the benefits of chromotherapy lighting below.

There’s no denying that installing a whirlpool bath is one of the best ways to relax at home. And while buying a new whirlpool spa bath might be the pinnacle of luxury, underwater lighting is one way to make it better. By installing a whirlpool bath with lights, you can transform the mood and atmosphere of your bathroom to create a 5-star spa experience anytime. Whirlpool baths with lights offer you many different customisation options to create your perfect bathroom experience. Let’s look at exactly how you can give your bathroom a makeover by adding some premium underwater lighting options.

It may be useful to explain exactly which features and benefits whirlpool baths with lights can offer. It’s not a simple off/on solution – there are plenty of additional functions that can transform your bath into something truly special. For example, most whirlpool baths with lights offer the ability to change colour using LED bulbs. This means you can create a gentle transition of colour to match your mood during your bathing experience. Whether that’s a gentle blue to a deep red, or any other combination, it’s all possible with a whirlpool bath with lights. Whirlpool bath underwater lighting systems also provide the ability to independently control each light, so you can create an atmosphere that’s perfect for you.

It’s understandable that you might assume that whirlpool baths with lights are restrictively expensive for most people. The truth is that there is a broad menu of choices for either buying a spa bath with lights pre-installed or having underwater lighting added to your whirlpool bath. This selection means you can choose bath lighting that’s a little more budget-friendly, or go all-out with a high-end whirlpool bath lighting solution. All whirlpool baths with lights also come complete with a control unit, so you can have fine-grain control of the lighting in your bath at any time.

Underwater whirlpool bath lighting systems, like those provided by Chromotherapy, can be purchased either individually or in the form of a kit. If you choose an individual light, you can actually add them to your existing setup to make it that little bit more premium. Many whirlpool baths with lights allow for this kind of customisation. A whirlpool bath lighting kit is a great idea if you’re looking to add lighting to an existing whirlpool spa bath. Most models of whirlpool baths allow you to add lighting systems at any time, and the kits will come with full instructions to make the process easy.

Whirlpool baths with lights are a unique and unusual touch that can really turn some heads. If you’ve been looking for a way to make visitors in your home say ‘wow’, whirlpool baths with lights are a superb way to do just that. And once you’ve installed a set of colorful and mood-enhancing LED lights to your whirlpool bath, you can also consider adding in sound options too, turning your whirlpool spa bath into a speaker.

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