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Installation Guide


The Whirlpool Jacuzzi Spa system you are about to install has been carefully assembled and fully water tested at our factory. Please check for any signs of transit damage to pipework or components prior to installation.

DO NOT LIFT THE BATH BY OR REST THE BATH ON THE PIPEWORK – This product has been water tested prior to dispatch.

The positioning of the pump and pipework has been preset.

Make sure that the tube from the pneumatic on/off switch to the pump airswitch (located in the control box) is in position.

The system is now installed and when the power supply has been connected the system must be tested.


All electrical connections must MUST be carried out by a qualified electrician and electrical wiring and ancillary equipment must conform to British Standards and CE.

The power supply can run from 2 sources:

Source 1: From the main circuit board run correctly sized twin and earth cable to a residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) situated outside the bathroom. Continue the cable into the bathroom and connect to pump. (RCCBs can be purchased through ourselves: specification 25amp 240v AC 30MA trip).

Source 2: From your socket ring main (13 amp) run correctly sized twin and earth cable to a residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) situated outside the bathroom. Continue the cable into the bathroom as above. Please ensure that the fuse in a fused spur is 13 amp for all pumped whirlpool systems. Should you have an air spa only system then a 5 amp is sufficient.

If you have chosen a dual system with air spa, the blower provided is positioned in a convenient place on the floor and the blower hose and pneumatic tube attached. The blower can then be connected to the same 13 amp fused spur as the pump.

For our electronic systems with pre-fitted touch pad, all appliances (pump, blower, light etc.) have been pre-wired and tested in the factory before dispatch. The mains cable (pre fitted) must be connected to a 13 amp fused spur.

Chromotherapy lighting can be connected to the lighting circuit if convenient or a separate 3 amp fused spur should be provided for the light.

Fix bath in position as per normal.


Gently pressing a button in the centre of the control sends a movement of air to the pneumatic air switch situated in the pump control box. This starts and stops the whirlpool system. When the pump has started it sucks water via the suction inlet and recirculates it back through the jets fitted to the side of the bath. These jets have an eyeball which can be adjusted so that the water can be directed to various parts of the body. The whirlpool action can be adjusted by opening the air control which increases or decreases the amount of air in the turbulence and adjusts the massage from gentle to invigorating.

Please note that the system should not be run dry as this may result in pump failure. To ensure the system is not run when the bath is empty, switch off at the circuit breaker after use.

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